Cashradio: Get paid for listening

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Get paid for surfing

Here my comments

The Radio program already exists. You can listen to the program. As of May 2000, the pay program is still in development. You can work on your downline already. If you sign up a lot of people below you, then you can make significant money.

Though I trust these programs only after I see my first check, the fact that they have all these radio programs working already makes me more confident that they will deliver on their promises.

A few hints:

  1. Cash Radio says they are paying everywhere in the world, so Germans, Brazilians, everyone can become a subscriber and make money
  2. when you install cash radio (no maior install needed), choose Windows Media Player, not Real Player. Both play the music, but only Windows Media Player users will get paid to listen
  3. You get paid for your downline, only if you yourself accumulate listening hours, too

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Here their propaganda

Subject: You Have to Hear This!

Dear <Friend>,

Have I told you that I get paid for listening to the radio?  Really! I'm a member of, an internet company that actually pays me for what I enjoy doing anyway — listening to great music on my computer.  You should check them out at   They have over 175 different formats of music to listen to.

If they ask you for a referral ID when you sign up, please be sure to use mine: a3  You won't regret it.  This is like found money!

Member ID: a3

Payment Schedule



Thank you

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Deutsche Erklärungen

Cash Radio zahlt für's Musikhören. Die Internet Radiostation funktioniert schon sehr gut, das Auszahlungsprogramm soll bad aktiviert werden. Ich traue solchen Programmen ja auch nur, wenn ich den ersten Scheck sehe. Aber in diesem Fall haben die Leute ja schon eine ganze Radiostation auf die Beine gestellt, daher traue ich diesen Leuten etwas mehr.

Wenn ihr Geld für eine Downline verdienen wollt (für eure Freunde die unter euch sich eintragen), dann solltet ihr so früh wie möglich anfangen.

Hier ist die Anmeldung. Bitte unbedingt als referrer a3 eintragen.

Bei der Installation bitte Windows Media Player wählen, nicht Real Player. Beide spielen Musik, aber nur WIndows Media Player qualifiziert für das Zahlungsprogramm. Mehr Details im englischen Text.

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