Car Subscription

A new flexible alternative to traditional car ownership

The Project

AAA Car Subscription is the car ownership alternative that is simple, flexible and certain. For a single monthly fee, AAA Car Subscription Members get a personal vehicle which includes insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance: everything but the gas. Our service is designed to address Members’ challenges with the status quo. Signing up on the website is easy, and at the end of their term, Members can swap their vehicles, renew or simply walk away. Partnering with leading fleet providers and mobility agencies, we are active in Sacramento with plans to expand rapidly. We have also recently partnered with Electrify America to launch an electric vehicle subscription service.

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The Promise

AAA Car Subscription is leading the way in bridging the gap between traditional ownership and the future of mobility as the landscape becomes increasingly shared, electric, autonomous and connected. Built on AAA’s existing industry leading operations in auto repair, insurance and road service, AAA Car Subscription provides a superior end-to-end experience for our Members by one trusted provider with over 100 years of legendary service.

Having a personal vehicle has never been easier with all the benefits of traditional ownership but none of the headaches and hassles. AAA Car Subscription is a single point of contact for all our Members’ car needs, so they can focus on what truly matters.

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